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Hay-Rite produces and distributes PREMIUM and SELECT Alfalfa Cubes from the source in Milford, Utah and from the Hay-Rite Warehouse in Weatherford, Texas to dealers and customers across the USA.

Hay-Rite alfalfa is grown on high desert farms located in southern Utah, CERTIFIED Noxious Weed-Free and contains NO beetles. It’s always harvested, cubed and packaged at the source, then shipped fresh to you.


Hay-Rite cubes are 100% Natural with NO dyes, chemicals, mold retardants, preservatives or flavorings added; only sun-cured WESTERN alfalfa enriched with Bentonite minerals to increase absorption of nutrients, detox the digestive system and improve cube quality. Alfalfa Cubes Hay-Rite

In addition to alfalfa cubes, Hay-Rite has developed several alfalfa pellets and COMPLETE feeds enriched with vitamins, minerals and fats for horses and other livestock. Hay-Rite pellets and COMPLETE Feeds are a minimum 80% alfalfa with rice bran and other nutrients added, making them low starch and low sugar…… the way nature intended.

Premium forage should always be the foundation of any feeding program.
Safe, highly digestible premium forage ingredients are Hay-Rite’s Hallmark.

“It’s the Better Way to Feed. Guaranteed.”

Jim Willey
2280 Mineral Wells Hwy.
Weatherford, Texas 76088
Main 817-599-3343
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